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The Centre of Research, Experimentation and Formation in Agriculture "Basile Caramia" (CRSFA) is a no-profit organization, established July 22, 1987. Since March 9, 2004 is recorded in the Registry National Research Council of the Ministry of Education, University and Research.Is a member of the European Association, based in Brussels, which includes among its member schools and organizations belonging to various European countries involved in formation training in agriculture and aims at the development of common arrangements for training in the field of agriculture.
In accordance with Art. 6 of the Statute, the CRSFA pursues research, testing, training, demonstration and dissemination in the field of agriculture and, among others, it shall:
-adopt suitable measures to characterize genetic and sanitary germplasm of agricultural interest;
- promote knowledge of fruit tree plant varieties through participation in specific research programs and the joint development of orientation varietals;
- ensuring biodiversity through the implementation of projects aimed at the recovery, conservation and enhancement of ecotypes of fruit tree species (citrus, fig, stone fruit, olive, pear, grapes, …).
The CRSFA, which relies on its staff of qualified technicians collaborated in the design and implementation of numerous projects of research and development as a subject leader or partner on issues relating to the agricultural sector in the broadest sense of the term and particular insights on certification of nursery productions.
The CRSFA has accredited laboratories: Laboratory for Diagnosis phytopathology; Analysis Laboratory Agribusiness and Agro-environmental laboratory.
The skills acquired and the availability of cells (refrigeration and climate), temperature-controlled greenhouses, tunnels acclimatization, greenhouses mesh insect-proof, allowed the CRSFA also perform many delegated activities.
The CRSFA obtained from MiPAF delegation the construction and operation of the National Citrus Incremental Section, the Region of Apulia, in the activities of premultiply citrus, prunoidee, olive trees and vines, support activities for the Regional Plant Protection Service and to establish at CRSFA the Concertation Committee for the enhancement of regional viticulture nursery.
The activity is stationed on the territory of the region in different sections Operative (S.O.) in different vocation to meet the requirements of the different species in climatic premultiplication. Each S.O. has fields and facilities, provided by the technical protocols for the various species, suitable for farming, the conduct of them other plants cat. "Base" and nursery activity for the production of drill collars cat. "Base" (grafted and frank foot), as well as the production of potted rootstocks cat. "Base" bred in vitro.