Abstracts Submission

Link for Abstracts Submission

Authors are invited to submit their abstracts at this link:

An active ISHS user account is required to submit abstracts, to propose as Oral and/or Poster presentations.
Each Participant can submit a maximum of 2 abstracts: 1 Oral + 1 Poster, or 2 Posters.
Each Participant must be registered for the Symposium (see Registration).

Acta Horticulturae Author Guidelines

Authors of abstracts accepted for presentation (both Oral/Poster) are expected to register for the symposium.
All oral presenters, including invited and keynote speakers, must submit a manuscript for Acta Horticulturae.
Authors of Posters are welcome to submit their manuscript for Acta Horticulturae but Posters cannot be published as such.
See https://www.ishs.org/authors for more details on how to prepare your article for Acta Horticulturae.

Information on ISHS Membership

Founded in April 1959 as a global network of horticulturists and horticultural scientists seeking international co-operation, today the International Society for Horticultural Science (ISHS), is a truly global network comprising over 60,000 individuals, universities, governments, institutions, libraries and commercial companies. ISHS has become the largest and most important framework for horticultural science. ISHS membership, offering a unique mix of sections & commissions, working groups, symposia, publications, mailing lists, online services, ... allows you to develop information networks with colleagues who have similar interests and concerns. Discover job opportunities fast, learn of new techniques and breakthroughs first, and increase your access to scientists who may have solutions to the questions you need to answer today. The ISHS provides its members with a platform allowing them to share knowledge on an international scale.
For more details see https://www.ishs.org/members

Information on ISHS Young Minds Awards

During each ISHS Symposium two Young Mind Awards for junior scientists will be given.
For more details see https://www.ishs.org/young-minds-award